Lilliana-12th Grade

Hermosa Beach

Here at Seaside Learning Center I am able to achieve everything I need to do academically. Seaside has helped me boost my confidence and get good grades. I wouldn't be able to do this without my wonderful tutor. At Seaside I get help to achieve what is necessary to get good grades, stay organized and to become the best I can be.



Manhattan Beach

My kid loves going to Seaside Learning Center every week! His tutor is extremely qualified and has been helping him improve his reading skills for about three months now. All of the tutors are very friendly and the atmosphere of the center is perfect for studying.


Brian-8th Grade

Hermosa Beach

I have been going to Meredith for tutoring for about a year and she has helped a lot. I was struggling with getting organized and staying on track but Meredith was an amazing help and I ended up doing really well. The tutors are really nice and the place is really kid friendly. I would highly recommend it.


Redondo Beach

My son was falling behind grade level in reading in Kindergarten, and so I reached out to Seaside to see if they could help him improve. The teachers were amazing, well organized, and kind. He ended Kindergarten above the required reading level. He's now in first grade and asked if he could attend Seaside as one of his after school activities - he loves it there that much!

holly-5th Grade

Manhattan Beach

I love going to Seaside because you're having fun and learning at the same time. We do fun projects and Seaside helps me get good grades and finish my homework. I love doing my fun school projects there. I love using the library to read because the bean bags are comfortable.